Best Preschool in Marol

The Best Preschool in Marol

Being the Best Preschool in Marol, Munchkins Child Care adheres to its philosophy that every child means the world to their parents and their well-being is what all the parents wish for. Hence, we at Munchkins child care centres & preschools lay special emphasis on the intellectual, emotional, cognitive and aesthetic child development. As the Best Preschool in Marol, Munchkins is the hub for thinking, reasoning and life skills development. Our preschools in Mumbai are well equipped with carpeted floors and the special soft walls ensure the safety of infants and toddlers. The kid’s activity centre & garden area also ensures safe outdoor activities and play. Our day care centres in Mumbai are well-known for being the most reliable, trustworthy and most preferred by parents.

Facilities At Our Best Preschool In Marol

The Best Preschool in Marol by Munchkins Child Care strives to be the best preschool in  Marol and its vicinity with world-class, age-appropriate toys, air-conditioned rooms, full-time CCTV surveillance for security purposes, fire safety arrangements, natural light and ventilation, and pick-drop facility. At Munchkins we understand the importance of childhood. We believe it is our obligation to provide environments and experiences that capture the joys of childhood while simultaneously nourishing each child’s unique growth and development and paving the way for academic and personal success 

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    With our nurseries, schools, and learning activities that are created with both children and parents in mind. A motivated Early Years team Committed early childhood professionals who are thoroughly immersed in the subject and benefit from our exceptional training and continuous support. Experienced educators provide research-based courses that encourage students to think for themselves while still learning and having fun.

    We have unique and interesting features at our preschools in Marolq12 that includes a safe area for soft gym play, garden area, swimming pool and play areas to facilitate a world-class facility for an optimum physical, cognitive, emotional and motor skill child development. Our services make us the Best Preschool in Marol. At Munchkins Child Care, we are also dedicated to providing nutritious snacks and meals, with a strong emphasis on hygiene and sanitation. Apart from keeping modern safety and security measures in place, our well-trained staffs at Munchkins also facilitate a smooth functioning of all our other day care centres in Bandra EastPoonam Nagar (Marol) & Andheri West. As one of the Best Preschool in Marol, we have E.C.C.Ed trained professionals catering to the daily needs of the children. They also ensure regular and transparent communication with the parents and that too on a daily basis.


    What makes us the Best Preschool in Marol?

    • To keep up our reputation as one of the best preschools in Marol we at Munchkins Child Care decide on its educational program curriculum based on scientific research. At our playschool in Marol, we believe that every child needs special and unique care, hence specially customized programs are tailor made as per a child’s requirement and parental need. This unique feature has helped us in shaping out to be the Best Preschool in Marol. The strategic location of our preschools in Marol is well connected to offices in MIDC and Speez in Andheri, which houses thousands of small and middle size companies, thereby employing lakhs of parents. And, Munchkins Child Care comes to their rescue as the best preschools in Marol. It is easily accessible for people living or working in the area and also others. Munchkin’s best day care centre in Marol acts as a topping on the cake. We also have our preschools in Bandra East, and in playschools in Andheri West.
    • The curriculum followed at all the preschools in Marol Mumbai by the Munchkins Child Care takes care of the overall child development whether it is personal, social or emotional. We help children to develop a positive sense of themselves and the society, to develop social skills and to learn how to manage their feelings. We have fun activity centres to maintain appropriate behaviour in groups and to have confidence in their own abilities. Munchkins best preschool in Marol operates with a strong belief that each child should be treated equally and with respect. We establish a transparent communication channel with the parents for the benefit of each child, thereby gaining 100% trust from them. And, it is this trust from the parents that has undoubtedly established Munchkins as one of the best preschools in Mumbai. We also have preschool in Bandra & Poonam Nagar, Andheri