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Finding the best day care centre in Mumbai is one of the most pressing tasks for every parent. Leaving your child under the care of others is never easy and this is why parents look for a trustworthy and competent day care services to hand over their precious baby. They look for a homely place and affectionate caregivers and if you are also one such parent looking for The Best Day Care Centre In Andheri East, Marol and high-quality preschool in Andheri then you can get it at Munchkins Child Care Centres (Andheri Centre) The Best Day Care Centre In Andheri East, Marol, offers the most upgraded and child-friendly day care services in Mumbai that will let your child have a field day while you carry ahead with your day at your job.

    Services Offered by The Best Day Care Centre In Andheri East, Marol.

    We offer the Best Day Care Centre In Andheri East, Marol and our child care centres in Bandra & Powai have every necessary amenity and avenue that will help your child stay happy and safe. We take care of hygiene in all corners and the spaces inside the campus are cleaned regularly every day. The meals are nutritious and healthy and the staff ensures the children eat properly. Children also get to rest at regular intervals and our staff is always prepared to handle their cranky moods and fussy tantrums. The environment at Munchkins Child Care is totally in tune with the tempers of the tiny tots. Our, day care centre at Marol & day care centre in Poonam Nagar in Andheri East is for babies, six months and above. So, whether you are the parent of a toddler, tiny tot or a kid, you can get your little one enrolled at Munchkins and rest assured that your own munchkin will have a whale of a time over here, growing and learning under a warm atmosphere. We strive to give and support learning and growth for children in all that we do. Our employees are committed to incorporating our vision into all they do. We work hard to reassure parents that their kid is receiving the finest possible care. Our aim is to provide high-quality care and education for all children in a safe, secure, and supportive atmosphere where children are encouraged to be their unique selves and develop life skills.

    We also offer top preschool in Bandra (East), fun kindergartens in Marol, Chandivali, Powai & playschool in Poonam Nagar, Andheri. You can be sure of their well-being at every minute as they are at the ideal day care centre in Mumbai where they are nurtured with love, care and learning.

    Fun activities at The Best Day Care Centre In Andheri East, Marol

    Preschools in Marol Andheri

    Why choose the Best Day Care Centre In Andheri East, Marol

    We have developed our Best Day Care Centre In Andheri East, Marol with the idea that every child is a unique gift and needs special care and attention to help them bloom. This is the reason we have employed trained and sensitive staff at our child day care centres who treat every child as their own. The caregivers at our best day care centre in Andheri East, Marol branch are always attentive and listen to the children which helps the child settle at the child day care centre without any hassle. In fact, we never rush through while settling a child and give the child enough time to make the transition and our staff helps them do so very effectively, which makes us one of the best day care centre in Andheri East, Marol. Being the best playschool in Marol & day care centre in Andheri East, Mumbai, we offer a complete set of activities and the kids get to enjoy a recreational routine replete with tummy time, tickle time, garden time, music and many other games. Each age group child gets a chance to participate in age-appropriate activities and the parents can also keep a check on their wards through our daylong helpline. At Munchkins Child Care Centres in Andheri East, we understand the concerns and attachment of parents for their dear babies and hence, we are always at your beck and call, connecting you with your child. We offer best day care services in Andheri East, Mumbai in letter and spirit and you can see it yourself once you bring your child to our child care centres in Mumbai.

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