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For every parent, their child means the world to them and when these parents have to leave their child to attend to worldly duties, they get worried. They begin to search for the best day care centre in Mumbai that will look after their child with love and affection. Every parent in Bandra, Mumbai, with their busy lifestyles, wishes to avail the best preschool in Bandra & child care centres in Bandra, East and if you have a query for best child day care services in Bandra, East then Munchkins Child Care centres delightfully offers you that we have the answer to all your queries. At our best day care centre in Bandra, East, we provide everything to your child to help them grow and develop into confident human beings. Munchkins Child Care Centres offers high-quality early childhood education in day care centres in Marol, Andheri, child care in Poonam Nagar and day care centre in Powai, Mumbai for overall child development. Enrol your little one now at the best day care centre in Bandra, East. 

Services Offered by The Best Day Care Centre in Bandra, East.

Our best day care centre in Bandra, East offers high-quality child care services and comprise the best of vigilance, care, education and learning. Ever since the establishment of our day care centres & child care services in Mumbai, we have tried to cultivate all the facilities at our place that would make it an ideal day care centre in Mumbai and today, we are truly the best day care centre in Bandra, East. We provide day care for children six months and above and we have individual facilities for different age groups, we also provide efficient preschools in Mumbai. For the babies, we have trained nursing staff who look after them and tend to their baby needs and nurture them like foster mothers. For the toddlers, who have just begun to perceive the world, our child day care centres arrange for singing, dancing, games and early language activities to promote their motor and social skills.

At Munchkins Child Care Centres in Bandra, East, we provide the tiny tots with a provision for activities that will help in the development of speech and language, we also provide preschool in Bandra, East for the overall child development. They are schooled in numbers, colours, music, and arts, through fun activities. The kids, who are in the preschool years, are introduced to our kindergarten curriculum helping them learn the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. In all we do, we endeavour to provide and encourage children’s learning and progress. Our staff are dedicated to instilling our vision in all they do.

We work hard to assure parents that their child is receiving the best care available. Our goal is to provide high-quality care and education to all children in a safe, secure, and supportive environment where children are encouraged to be themselves and acquire positive life skills. We also provide day care services to kids who are already in school, through after-school child day care services where we collect your child from school and then help them unwind and play till you come to pick them up. Munchkins Child Care also offers its preschool services in Marol, kindergartens in Poonam Nagar Andheri East & in playschool in Powai.

Best Day Care Centre in Bandra East

Intellectual Development at our Best Day Care Centre in Bandra, East.

One of the Best Day Care Centre in Bandra, East!

Children in every age group are treated with utmost love and the staff gives special attention to each of them at our Best Day Care Centre in Bandra, East. At Munchkins Child Care Centres in Mumbai, we believe that every child is special and needs personalized attention to be able to grow to their full potential and hence, we provide the same. Our rich curriculum gives them the right learning platform and ensures physical, emotional and social development to the fullest. At our centre, all the activity areas of the children are adorned with pictures that will appeal to their psyche and ignite their interest in learning. We let the children have fun and learning side by side so that they look forward to being at Munchkins Preschools & Montessori centre. So, if you want to put your child at the best day care centre in Bandra, East that will let them settle in an effortless manner and tend to their everyday needs like a mother does then Munchkins is certainly what you need. Just get in touch and get set to see your child being looked after by the most caring and considerate centre. Also Available in Marol, Poonam Nagar & Powai.

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