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In their formative years, children will take their first steps, make their first relations and begin to develop skills that will form the foundation of their future, it is therefore very important to choose the best day care centre in Mumbai for your little one. Munchkins Child Care Centre in Mumbai has experienced caregivers who present your child with a range of indoor and garden activities designed according to their age. Our best day care centres in Mumbai ensures to engage and promote overall child development and independence. We offer a high-quality child care centres in Mumbai. The rich curriculum delivered at our day care centre in Marol, Bandra, Poonam NagarChandivali, Powai, Mumbai and our preschools in Mumbai support the children warmly and sensitively to grow up as confident, inquisitive individuals who love learning. We value and promote play as a meaningful method of early childhood learning. Every day at our best day care centre in Mumbai is different! Throughout the day, the children will be engrossed in a variety of activities, both adult-led and child-initiated using both the indoors and our outdoor play areas as their learning environment. We offer the best Day Care Centre in Mumbai, as we are dedicated to promoting each child’s individual emotional, social and physical development during this important period in the child development to ensure that we can help you in parenting their future. 

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    At Munchkins Best Day Care Centre in Mumbai, we work together with parents over a settling in period of a few days to ensure that their child is happy and comfortable in their new surroundings. During this period, as your child settles in and establishes a bond with their caretakers and gains confidence, we learn about your child’s daily routine, their mealtimes, sleeping patterns and all the other little things special to your child. In our experience, it takes about 3-5 days to settle your child but every child is different so we always work with you to make this as smooth as possible for both you and your child.

    Our open door policy means you’re always welcome to drop in with the prior intimation in order to safeguard the privacy of other kids. We’ll give you daily feedback on your child’s day and we keep written diaries that keep track your child’s day and detail any other information that’s helpful.

    In our vibrant toddler rooms at all our best day care centres in Mumbai, we are developing your child’s sense of self and there is constant interaction between the carers and the children to encourage their natural curiosity. The environment is safe, stimulating and nurturing to foster your child’s love of learning as they discover the world around them. Our specially designed areas are designed to create a stimulating yet comforting environment for babies which will captivate and hold your child’s attention, encouraging visual development as well as physical activity. We focus on overall child development at our preschools in Marol, Andheri, kindergarten in Poonam Nagar, pre-primary schools in Bandra East and playschool in Powai, Chandivali.

    Babies also enjoy tummy time, reading time, tickle time, garden time, music and heuristic play and other activities which you can look up in our gallery. We believe in sowing the seeds of your child’s overall development and not just a place where it stays till you return.

    As the child grows and takes their first steps, they really begin to explore the world around them.At Munchkins Best Day Care Centre in Mumbai, we’re there every step of the way to support and nurture their natural curiosity. Every day is action packed with exciting child initiated activities designed to nurture the overall child development.

    There are large movement activities that develop children’s balance and gross motor skills, there are all types of art, there are water and messy play, dressing up, garden time, tumble tots, singing, dancing and early language activities.

    All our fun activities all help to promote your child’s communication and social skills while encouraging sensory and language development. To them, it’s just lots of fun through our play-way method of day care centre activities.

    In addition, we keep individual diaries for every child that detail daily their mealtimes, sleeping pattern, nappy changes, specified medical administration and any other additional information about your child’s day that may be helpful.

    Your child is quickly gaining a new confidence in themselves and also developing a deeper understanding of the world around them. Our own pre-school curriculum is introduced at this stage to give the optimum opportunity for an overall development with peer age groupAt this age, they’re ready for a little more structure and new fun challenges as well as free play and rest periods. As your child discovers their own independence, we encourage and guide them to further develop their confidence, their intellectual, social and emotional development as they explore their environment.

    We pay especially close attention to the development of speech and language and encourage the development of your child’s speech and language through a range of fun and social activities such as songs, role play and storytelling. At our best day care centre in Mumbai, other main areas of focus include music, arts and crafts, colours, numbers and fun messy play, where we encourage each child to express their personality through creative and imaginative play whilst promoting their self-esteem and concentration.

    Being the Best Day Care Centre in Mumbai, we believe in a play-based approach to learning and overall child development in the early years.Pre-school aged children’s favourite word is ‘why?’ and they have an endless curiosity about the world. This is when your child really learns to learn. It’s a time of non-stop exploration and discovery, when your child absorbs everything around them.

    We recognise that the preschool years of 3-5 are especially important and lay the foundations for your child’s primary education. At this stage, our top preschools in Mumbai and child care centres in Mumbai has introduced the high quality kindergarten curriculum. Your child is introduced to the fundamentals of reading, writing and mathematics in preparation for school, all the while in a fun, exciting and colourful way.

    We embrace the philosophy that recognises each individual child’s potential. We ensure that children have the opportunity to explore, question, communicate and create in a fun and supportive environment which meets their individual needs.

    Our Mumbai Montessori schools curriculum consists of practical life and sensorial activities, sounds and reading, numeracy, geography as well as music and movement, art and crafts, dance, and physical education

    We’ll help get your child’s homework underway and of course provide nutritious snacks and refreshments.Our after-school care is full of fun stuff, Arts & Crafts, Games, Music, Dance, Computers and also the space to unwind and relax with their friends or siblings.

    We know that modern life can get pretty hectic, and for busy parents, our best day care centre in Mumbai can offer the flexibility to help out when you need extra support. For early morning starts we’ll provide a nutritious breakfast and can drop your child to school. We will also collect your child after school with a friendly face.

    Parents choose our after-school best day care centre in Mumbai as they know that their child will be cared for by passionate and enthusiastic staff, their homework will be supervised and they can then enjoy a relaxed and stimulating after-school space to play and unwind in. We offer a lot of exciting activities from football and science to yoga and computer games for the older children.

    The Best Day Care Centre in Mumbai

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    Munchkins Best Day Care Centre in Mumbai

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