School Facility


Each environment is designed with utmost consideration for your child's safety and dedicated to their growth. Our facilities boast a collection of age-appropriate, world-class toys to stimulate creativity, learning, and fun. Elevate your child's comfort with our fully air-conditioned rooms, an essential feature for their wellbeing.

Sandpit Area

The Sandpit area is a special space for preschool kids to explore, create, and imagine. It's a sensory haven where children can engage in hands-on, interactive play, molding and shaping sand structures, promoting not only physical but cognitive and social development.

Reading Room

The Reading room is a vibrant and cozy corner packed with colorful books suitable for preschool children. This peaceful nook encourages the love for stories and the habit of reading, instilling creativity and improving language and listening skills in the young minds.

Outdoor Pay Area

The Outdoor play area is a dynamic space filled with age-appropriate play equipment like swings, slides, and climbers. Supervised yet unconfined, it offers children the freedom to move, explore, and interact, contributing to their physical health, motor skills, and social interactions.

Swimming Area

At Munchkins, we believe in holistic development. That’s why we have a safe, clean, and kids-friendly swimming pool as a part of our school infrastructure. Under professional guidance, your little ones can splash around, learn to swim, and develop refined motor skills. This facility will not only build their physical strength but also ensure their time at Munchkins is filled with new experiences.

Activity Room

The Activity room is a great spot full of creative energy. It’s loaded with arts and crafts material, letting kids explore their creative side. This boosts their artistic skills, hand control, and brain growth.

Montessori Corner

At our Montessori Corner, we plant the seeds of knowledge. Nurturing young minds today, for a brighter, smarter, and better tomorrow.

Study Room

The Study room is a structured and quiet environment specially made for focused learning. With resources and tools aptly suited for preschoolers, it nurtures the early academic skills they need, fostering curiosity, focus, and a love for learning.
School Facility


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