Adventures in Nature’s Playground


Nature play and being outdoors is associated with numerous benefits which includes helping your children to develop physically, emotionally, and socially.There are a few reasons as to  why nature play is excellent for your children, and also a list of few nature play activities that will help in child development.


Hopefully by the end, you will be catching hold of your boots and getting out into the boundless outdoors together.


Nature Play Activities and its Advantages:


  • Social advantages

When children go for outdoor adventure, they get numerous opportunities to interact with other playmates. In nature, they can connect with everyone around, assist each other, come up with solutions together and share their learning.To get the best experience, children often work together. It helps children to act independently, while not escaping their capability and efficiency.


  • Multiplies resilience and capability to negotiate risks

A lot of opportunities for physical development through activities such as mounting, hurdling, running, and balancing is possible through Nature Play. Climbing on trees or other objects enables children to  understand the risks involved in the process; they become better at risk computation. Outdoor capacity tend to be immense than the indoor spaces children play in, enabling children opportunities to move in different ways.


  • Stops the vanishing freedom

In today’s time, dwelling on thoughts of dangers and uncertainty  of outdoor play is easy for parents. In fact, a lot of children rather than playing outdoors get seriously injured  falling from their bed . It’s worth reflecting on the effect that is being carried forward on to children if parents fear the outdoors. Childhood should be encouraged to take up healthy outdoor risks and adventure.


  • Reduces Stress

Green plants helps to reduce stress due to its very calming quality. Places with a massive number of  green plants, greener sights and access to natural play locations signifies more impactful results.


  • Physical and mental benefits

Direct connection with nature has both Mental and Physical benifits.It  has been proven that nature helps to improve mood, and reduce depression, mood swings and mental exhaustion. Children who involve themselves in outdoor play have the benefit of increased flexibility and gross motor skills. It also improves their imagination and reduces body inflammation.

The real world can be far different from the outdoor television that we see on the television.Only by stepping outside, one can experience nature to the fullest-from chirping of  birds, buzzing bees, and picturesque sunsets, to the other queerer miracles. Natural association with nature cannot be replaced by any electronic device.


  • Improves nutrition, reduces obesity and illness

Children are more likely to eat fruits and vegetables when they grow their own food.Also will continue healthy  eating habits throughout their lives.


Nature Play Activities


  • Mud pie Kitchens

Mudpie kitchen, also called as an outdoor kitchen or mud kitchen, is one of an effective resources for kids to play outside. Among kids, mud pie is the most liked activity, though messy.They facilitate ample learning opportunities for children, helping them to raise their creative  and imaginative skills.




  • Nature Weaving

It’s very essential to involve nature in our routine play and creating. Motivating children to explore natural resources is an amazing opportunity to promote curiosity. During our nature play activity, whether at the beach side, public parks or even our courtyard, we generally collect objects from nature to play and create with indoors too!



  • Flower Pounding

Flower pounding is a very essential way of doing art with nature. It is a very effective and easy activity. We also enjoy analysing how our results change over the course of time.




  • Gardening

Delegate some area for your little ones to get growing.You need not know gardening for this either. There are a lot of fantastic things that grow well in pots.





  • Tree Climbing

Let your kids take some risks under supervision however not micro managed.It will be great to watch their confidence and ability to grow along with their enthusiasm.




There is an urge to encourage nature play adventures by taking up two simple things: give examples and get outdoors. Also, keep any nature play amenities, for example bug kits, easily available and kids are all set to go. Then look at  the magic play happen and the fun begins.


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  • author-hexa-bg

    Very spacious. kids are exposed to different kinds of activities, which help them in their physical and mental growth. Cognative development . Also the interaction of the staff with the kids is commendable. Parents can leave their kids here without any worry

  • author-hexa-bg

    I am mother of Jagriti. From a long time I was thinking to write something for this wonderful school. This is last year of my daughter in this school, and more than her it will be tough for us to leave Munchkin’s ‘Model Town’ branch. I have never seen such a wonderful school, which gives home like environment, comfort and love to each and every student. Mam Vigyata Raikar is the best principal so far. She is trying her level best to give quality education to children and not only to children, she interacts with parents like us that how we can boost confidence of our kids and make them a good human being.

    Noella Franco Mam, Shaila Mam, Sneha Mam, Archana Mam, Priyanka Mam and all staff, we thank them all for always being their for our daughter. Words are not enough today to express our gratitude to them. They have always been their whenever we need their help. They have set standards so high, that it is now tough for us to find teachers like them.

    I just wish that Munchkin’s grows so high that parents like us has to not worry about our children after Senior kg.

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